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Friday, April 01, 2011

Commemoration Scam

Last week the local papers ran some articles about my upcoming book and the appearances I'd be making. Like this one:

A few days after the above story appeared in the Smith Mountain Eagle, I received an email from an outfit called "Th*t's Gr**t N*ws" (note: I removed vowels).

I didn't answer the email. The following day, someone called from the same company and left me a message. I got the impression that English wasn't his first language, but his company wanted to put the story on a plaque for only $24.95. Why would anyone want a news article mounted on a plaque? I didn't return the call.

Then I received another email (I obliterated their contact info):

Notice the price jump here—$159.00!!!!! I clicked on the link to see what I'd get for so much moolah:

Uh, I'm not impressed and I'm definitely underwhelmed. I didn't order, even though they offered a choice of plaque colors and a place to put personalized info.

Today, a guy named M*rk F*r*r* called on behalf of the same company. He said he'd read about me in the Smith Mountain Eagle and asked me about my book—including "What's the title?" which was made pretty plain in the article. Then he asked if I'd like to "commemorate the article" with a plaque of it. I told him that was the silliest thing I ever heard, and why would anyone want something like that?

If I wanted a plaque—which I most certainly don't—I could make one myself a heckuva lot cheaper.

Anyhow, if the company trying to sell me a plaque about the news article wants a plaque to commemorate this blog-post, I figure I can whip one up out of some scrap plywood and an inkjet copy for only $175 (postage will be extra).

But I'll have to charge extra if they want the plywood spray-painted in a color of their choice.



Blogger KenInSacto said...

You might have one of the best blogs on the planet.

Another great post. Keep those scammers on their toes!


4:44 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

Have had twice daily phone calls from this outfit for the last two weeks. How many times can I tell them NO? Great blog about these shysters.

4:54 PM  

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