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Friday, February 05, 2010


Or snowpocalypse. That's what folks are calling our latest snowfall—number three in the series, if you're counting. Since December 18, the ground has stayed covered with snow.

This latest snowfall is a doozy. It isn't just snow, although that's how it started. Here are some pictures, such as this one of the back deck late this morning:

From my front porch, you can normally see Smith Mountain to the right. However, you can't see much of anything but snow.

The Peaks of Otter should be in the distance here. They're behind the line of trees which you can barely see.

Chloe the kitty ventured out during a lull in the snow about noon:

The car isn't going anywhere today.

Here's how the driveway looked. (The wide space is the driveway.)

Back to the deck again in early afternoon. Notice the snow is deeper.

All day, something fell from the sky. By late afternoon, it was sleet or ice—or a combination thereof, with some more snow thrown in every so often.

When I went to feed this evening, the snow came half-way to my knees as I broke a path to the barn. The pines were bent under a load of ice. We lost power briefly, but so far it's come back on. I've heard that many in the area are without power.

Tonight, all the bare branches are glazed with ice. The temperature is dropping. And the wind is coming up.

Later tonight, the snow should start again. It's supposed to snow most of tomorrow.



Blogger Kas said...

Wow thats a lot of snow, enjoy and stay safe!

12:31 AM  

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