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Friday, August 10, 2007

Border Collie Report

by Maggie Mae (21-month-old border collie)

Because it is so hot and I have a lot of hair (some of which Mommy cut off because it was matted), because I trash the water buckets in the kennel, and because I tend to hog the cool places in the kennel because I am THE BOSS, I spent yesterday in the house.

The best thing about staying in the house is that I get to take a bath as soon as I come in. I LOVE baths! As soon as I go through the door, I head for the bathroom and hop in the tub.

The downside of being in the house is that evil cat Dylan lives there. He annoys me.

Dylan, the Evil Cat

When Mommy isn’t looking, Dylan pokes me with his paw. He also pees under the refrigerator. I think he gets into my toy basket, too. I do not trust Dylan. He acts very sweet to Mommy and Daddy, but I know he is EVIL.

One of the nice thing about the house is that I have two baskets full of toys. My favorites are my squeaky balls and my little pink pig. If I could only convince Mommy to throw them continually so that I can fetch! She throws for a while, then gets bored and mutters something about me being obsessive-compulsive, but that doesn’t make sense because she knows I am a border collie.

Anyhow, she sits for hours at the computer, so I am obligated to lie down under the desk. Talk about boring! Every so often, I nudge her with my squeaky ball. Sometimes when she finally gets up, I follow her and nudge her with my nose. She calls my nudging a “border collie nose wedgie,” but actually it’s just a poke in the butt. Anything to get her attention. I kept trying to tell her that we should get in the truck and GO TO THE FARM but she kept telling me it was too hot.

In the evening we finally got in the truck and went to the dumpster and then to the farm. I ran around a little. It was easy to run through the fields because the hay hasn’t grown at all. I didn't go to the creek because most of it is dry.

Mommy wants it to rain. So do I. I love water and mud.



Blogger Amy Hanek said...

Your doggie is a great writer! I wonder how he types so efficiently. His small motor skills must be outstanding!! Glad you are able to share the computer in this heat...

10:10 AM  

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