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Monday, October 16, 2006

New Day Dawning

This morning’s sky was beautiful—but only for a moment. While surfing the net around 7:00 a.m., I looked out my study window to see a pinkish haze. Grabbing my camera, I hurried outside and snapped a few eastern shots before the sun rose. Only one was any good—and it was the brightest. The beauty faded as fast as it came. At sunrise, the sky was back to gray.

But for just a moment, I saw the brightest spot of the new day.

A new day has dawned for me in a lot of ways. I’m having a ball as writer-in-residence for Roanoke County Schools. Last week at William Byrd renewed my faith in young people. All the kids I met were polite and enthusiastic. The school was clean, teachers were upbeat (albeit overworked), and I got to mentor some kids one-on-one as well as talk to whole classes. The brightest spot was Katie, who loved horses and who completed the first draft of her horse story while I was there.

Another bright spot: Saturday’s bookfest (see previous blog entry)—a roomful of people who love to write!

Another: The group of Franklin County Young Writers that I mentor meet tonight at the library in Rocky Mount. All are supposed to bring in something to read.

And more bright spots: The Franklin County Book Festival members are starting to gather ideas. We won’t officially meet for another month, but we’re already thinking. The Lake Writers decided to hold another writing contest for young people, and again I’m co-chair. My iBook is now Wi-Fi enabled. I recently acquired a new "old" Airport card, and it works! I logged on this morning at my favorite coffee house, The Daily Grind in exciting downtown Rocky Mount.

Take another look at the picture above. Doesn't the lower part of the tree to the left look like a large critter of some sort with a firey smile and a bright eye?


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